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    Robbie is Hustle's fearless leader. He is the passionate captain of the digital ship and manages this crazy--but loyal--team. Robbie is a lover of business, hockey, and saying he played professional paintball for seven years. His unwavering support is what his fellow hustlers appreciate the most.


    Director of Strategy

    Nina is a Jill of all Trades and Robbie's right-hand woman in digital. She strategizes creative content for each of Hustle's kickass clients. You can find her head banging to metal or playing 90s pop and annoying her work babies (she's been dubbed "the mom").


    Senior Account Manager

    Morgan is an OG Hustler and Pun-derwoman. She enjoys cooking up garden fresh copy and m-organizing all things account-related for clients.

    Off the clock, she enjoys hanging out with her elderly roommate, authoring comic scripts and catching the next enticing indie film.


    Director of Analytics, Data and Ad Buying

    Sarah spends most of her day creating social ads, managing spreadsheets and analyzing trends. When she's not in the office, she enjoys blogging about bad dates and convincing her fellow hustlers to join her on speed dating events.


    Account Manager

    Brian is one of the masterminds who handles multiple accounts. His background is in sports and he is very passionate about his job. Brian absolutely hates bios but loves irony! You will usually find him saying something sarcastic that nobody laughs at, but ya know...he tries.


    Account Manager

    Ali is our third, lovely Account Manager and master pony-tail-wearer here at Hustle Media. Ali is the master of client communication within her accounts. She can rap every word to every one of Missy Elliot's songs. Missy Elliot doesn't even know every word to all her songs.


    Director of Creative (Videography)

    Dawson is Hustle's beloved "video guy". He is usually finding ways to antagonize Nina and push boundaries of what we can creatively accomplish as a team. Dawson has achieved 13 concussions from numerous sports and activities as a result of his recklessness.


    Director of Creative (Photography & Design)

    Ieneke is the eye behind the lens under Hustle's graphic design and photography department. She is originally from New Zealand and everyone loves her accent. You can find her almost-married to her love, Kyle, and enjoying life to the fullest (UGH, GROSS).


    Social Media Intern

    Sunny is the thumbs behind Hustle’s social media pages and the extra pair of hands when a project needs help in the office. Other talents include baking mean chocolate chip cookies, planning vacations with no intentions of taking, and sudoku.