• True music room

    social media management - 6 month brand equity and growth

  • Challenge

    As a new venue in a new hotel, competing in a crowded market, we were challenged to A) grow awareness of the venue via following and B) give the venue and its music scene a personality of its own via social media.


    The quality of live music promotion for "house bands" and local hotel venues is sub par, so we wanted to make sure creativity was at its maximum and the bands got quality content promoting them that would set TRUE apart and make the band/artists look great.

    Creative solution

    We chose to showcase TRUE through Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Events. We focused on custom creative content to promote the multiple shows a week that TRUE hosts.

  • 226% growth in fans


    221,267 Impressions +(299% growth)


    135% growth in engagement


    100% growth in followers


    41,344 Impressions (+253% growth)


    100% growth in engagements